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- Le Waiki Beach avenue de la joliette, le cap d agde, Occitanie, 34300, France +33 467 26 32 34
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Property description

Come and relax on the deckchairs of Waiki Beach around its magnificent 25 x 12.5m swimming pool.

Open from 12:00 noon. Snacking, Tapas & Beverage Service all day long.

Policies & disclaimers

The management of waiki beach reserves the right of entry. An exemplary behaviour is expected from our visitors. Establishment reserved for adults only.

Refunds :

Le Juls star at approximate 0.03 km
Le piment vert star at approximate 0.03 km
Vanille Fraise star at approximate 0.04 km
from 68=>300€ / night
Sunshine Port Nature starstarstarstarstar at approximate 0.05 km
from 68=>300€ / night
Sunset Port Nature starstarstarstar at approximate 0.08 km
1 x 1 Chambre
108,00€ Per night