LE SUN BEACH  The straw hut of the naturist village is located in front of the sea. You can find there a large variety of dishes wich will suit everybody's taste. Plage Naturiste  04 67 94 44 01 Vanille Fraise , This fast-food restaurant is located in the centre of port nature. It is ideal for night revellers because even after midnight you can order hamburgers, chips or sandwiches. Port Nature 5 La frite à Titi , It is a fast-food restaurant with a menu exclusively composed of Belgian specialities. Port Soleil. Le bistrot , Its location with its terrace offers you a direct view on the comings and goings of the night revellers. Port Nature 5. 04 67 94 44 01 Le piment vert . A place for the quality of its cooking. Port Nature 5. 09 83 08 52 08 Le baskin . You can find there a large range of tapas and cheap good dishes Port Nature 1 . 04 67 26 40 71