La glamour. the iconic club of Cap d'Agde welcomes more than a thousand persons each evening during the hight season. People are strictly selcted. HELIOPOLIS 04 67 01 55 49Le Jul's. Club is open all year long. Its decoration is simple but its customers show their desire to enjoy have fun. PORT NATURE 5. 04 67 26 93 26Le clair obscur is a club reserved for SM amateurs, fetishism, BDSM. The dress code is strict : black and smart.  PORT AMBRONNE 04 67 90 20 36Le tantra is a mixed club located by the beach. There is also a space reserved for couples and women on their own. PORT NATURE 5 06 34 36 35 88Le jardin de babylone organizes several FULL MOONs during the season. A buffet around the jacuzzi and a DJ near the swimming-pool. Long-awaited parties by tourists and locals. 04 67 26 12 62QAKC - A gay club and hetero friendly. Everyone comes there with one's personality and sexuality : drags, transverstites, the bisexual. PORT AMBONNE 04 67 26 15 92