1st experience in the naturist village

Naked, not naked? Libertine? Bonds? Many of you are coming to the naturist village for the first time and asking yourself these questions. So here’s what you need to know to fully enjoy your first experience in this magical village.

And yes, the naturist village of Cap d’Agde is … naturist! But, although nudity is welcome, it is not obligatory. You can therefore, if you wish, live completely naked in the whole village, go for walks, do your shopping, eat out or stay dressed according to your choice. Moreover, being dressed in the village also includes the wisest to the sexiest outfits that it would be impossible to see elsewhere.

On the beach or in the swimming pools, it can be tolerated that Madam or Sir wear a pareo, but Sir, forget immediately to wear briefs or swimming trunks, otherwise you will be seen whistling.

The libertine: Yes, many libertines from all over the world meet in the village to party. You are libertines: this article won’t teach you anything. You are not libertine: Come on!! Nothing is obligatory. Either you will go to the “classic” establishments or you will find that you will feel extremely well in the libertine establishments where respect for others is the primary motto. It is the same on the beach. 95% of the beach is “family” naturist. But there is also a small part of it, “la baie des cochons” located just after the Paralia beach club on the way to Marseillan. This part of the beach, overflowing in the summer is a paradise for libertines and is recommended to an informed public with an open mind 🙂

To sum up, Tolerance and Respect for others are the only rules that govern the village. Whether you are wise or extroverted, classic or crazy, naturist, libertine or not, everyone has their place in the village!!! The difference is a real richness that creates an alchemy that you won’t find in any other place in the world. This is why travellers from all over the world meet in the naturist village of Cap d’Agde.

This article will certainly not answer all your questions, so be sure that our team will do everything to help and advise you according to your criteria.

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